Contact: Julie Hawley  707-479-7782  Archery Lessons
Contact: Mark Smith  707-528-8695  Bowmaking

About us –

Julie has been shooting since 2007. She was taught instinctive archery by Don Devivieros and loves to share traditional longbow shooting with people of all ages and all abilities. Archery combines many of Julie’s favorite things: people, nature, breath, groundedness, focus, release, letting go, and joy. Julie is a nationally certified archery instructor through USAA, NFAA, and is a member of Bowhunters Unlimited. 


Mark has always been true to discovering  traditional arts and why-things-work, for most of his life – through the ancient outdoors, world travel, meeting amazing and generous elders & experts, and of course, passing on the knowledge and options. Since 2007, Mark loves longbow archery – teaching bowmaking and shooting skills. His workshop series include handcrafting several types of North American longbows, tuning the bow & arrow designs for quiet flight and guiding folks to their shooting style. Depending on the student needs they can learn through art, science or both – all ages, all skill levels, absolutely welcome. Mark brings his full workshop to gatherings & events and hosts sessions at his home shop & archery range year-round – when he isn’t inventing something or yardening with his family. Mark is a nationally certified archery instructor thru USAA, NFAA, and a member of Bowhunters Unlimited.