Archery Lessons

We’re located in Rincon Valley, Santa Rosa CA
We teach traditional longbow archery and instinctive shooting and our new class atlatl dart throwing (scroll down, this page). Everyone is welcome – all ages, all levels – groups, individuals, and bowhunters. It’s easy & fun for all ages and all abilities.     

  • Develop traditional archery styles and instinctive shooting techniques.
  • Rain or shine – we have indoor or outdoor ranges.   
  • All equipment is included.
  • Instructors are nationally certified.

We are open weekdays and weekends.
Go to SIGN-UP FOR LESSONS page to reserve your lesson time. Email confirmation gives directions. 

Beginning Archery Lessons

After quickly acquainting students with the equipment and range safety, we teach the basic form, stance, and steps of shooting. We focus on developing your form to get you shooting consistently and connecting your breath to your movement to allow for ease and advancement. 
$25/hour (or $15/half hour)  

Intermediate Archery Lessons

Intermediate lessons allow students to develop their shooting style with guidance and feedback from us. You are welcome to come and shoot on your own, or do some skills-developing games to challenge you and improve your shot.
Depending on student goals, we progress into instinctive shooting – or to the advanced classes where you learn how to tune your bow & arrows for best flight – or to introduction to bowhunting & equipment design.
$25/hour (or $15/half hour)  

Scouts, 4H, and JOAD Archery classes

We offer merit classes for Scouts groups, progress proficiency for 4H, and achievement classes for Junior and Adult Olympic Programs. Email for more information. We have special group rates for Scouts and 4H group archery classes. 
$25/hour (or $15/half hour)

School classes and Special Events

Archery is a rich learning experience for any grade, from 1st grade on up. If you are from a school that is interested in archery classes, we are happy to come to your campus to do an assessment and talk about feasibility. Please contact us if you’re interested. We would love to talk with you!

And yes! We offer archery experiences for birthday parties, corporate team builds, first-time shooting fun, and other special events.
Please email us your desired dates and how many people would be participating, and we will make a one-of-a-kind experience for you and your group. 
Email or call for details and planning.     

Atlatl Dart Throwing lessons

Beginning Atlatl throwing classes are held every Friday and Saturday between 9am and 11am. Classes are 30 mins to one hour, by appointment. Use our “Sign-up Page” to reserve your time.
Classes are at our indoor/outdoor range in Rincon Valley – open to all ages (7yrs? & up. . . like archery, it depends on coordination not strength). Pick a non-rainy day because we’ll be outside – we can reschedule if it rains. The short indoor portion, will cover types of atlatls and darts. Participants will then head outside to develop their long range throwing.
Learn how to use one of humankind’s oldest hunting tools. The atlatl may predate the bow and arrow – we don’t know. . . that was 15 to 40 thousand years ago.
The atlatl is used to throw a 4-to-6-foot long, flexible spear-like projectile known as a dart. The atlatl is a wooden shaft approximately a foot-and-a-half long with a spur at the rear to engage the dart. The dart is placed along the shaft with its back-end resting in the spur. The thrower grips the atlatl near the front and performs a forward throw using the upper arm and wrist. The flipping motion of the atlatl creates angular momentum that propels the dart with greater speed and power than can be achieved with the arm alone (e.g. spear throwing). Darts thrown can achieve velocities of nearly 100 miles per hour. The atlatl is a legal method of harvesting large game in many countries and some of our states.
$25/hour (or $15/half hour)
all equipment included


Bowmaking & Atlatl Workshops

  • Explore why bows work and compare the different materials and shapes.
  • Tiller a bow to match your size, strength, and crafting level.
  • Design and make perfect arrows for recreation or hunting.
  • Bring your notepad – this is a deep dive into the art and craft of bowmaking.
  • Click on BOWMAKING & ATLATL WORKSHOPS PAGE for more info  

Experience the wonderful aspects of archery today

Magic – the marvel of form, aiming and watching an arrow in flight
Value – an activity perfect for all ages, bringing us all together
Safety – consistently ranking in the top of the safest sports