Archery Lessons

Discover archery in Rincon Valley, Santa Rosa CA
A fun place to start is with lessons – learning traditional archery and instinctive shooting. Everyone welcome – all ages, all levels, sensory friendly, families, groups, individuals and bowhunters. We also offer bowmaking workshops for those who wish to dive deep into the craft, art and science of making your own bow. In our archery classes we teach the traditional longbow style, involving the grounded stance, breathing techniques and the inherent safety – comfortable & fun for all ages and all abilities.     

  • Develop traditional archery styles and instinctive shooting techniques.
  • Rain or shine – we have indoor or outdoor ranges for all classes.
  • We offer practice, games, and merit programs including Scouts and Junior Olympic.   
  • All sessions include review of range safety and awareness.
  • All instructors are nationally certified.
  • All equipment is included.

For all archery classes:
Weekday and weekend lessons are available year-round to fit your schedule.
Go to SIGN-UP PAGE to reserve your lesson time. We will email confirm with directions and parking. Cash or check payable to Mark Smith at start of class.

General Archery Class

All equipment is included and lessons are either a half hour or an hour by appointment only. To get started, we acquaint our new archers with equipment and range safety. Then we select the proper size equipment and begin the basic steps of shooting (indoors). With continuing sessions we develop your skills, play some fun archery games, and progress to the outdoor range or moving targets.
$25/hour (or $15/half hour)  

Intermediate Archery Class

Intermediate archery starts with the equipment, safety and the basic steps of shooting. Depending on student goals, we may progress to instinctive shooting – or advanced classes where we learn tuning the bow & arrows for best flight – or introduction to bowhunting & equipment design.  
$25/hour (or $15/half hour)  

Certified Archery classes

We offer merit classes for Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts, proficiency & record book projects for 4H, and achievement classes for Junior Olympic & Adult Olympic programs  – All available for your organization, family or individual. Email or call for group rates.  
$25/hour (or $15/half hour)

Special Events 

We offer scheduled classes for your school or organization – from youth to seniors.
All equipment and targets are included – set up in your space.
For the weekly classes, we can add a new short session each week, connecting the history, art and science of archery.

And yes! We offer archery experiences for birthday parties, corporate team builds, first-time shooting fun and other special events.
Please check our events calendar, email us your desired dates and how many people are participating, and we will make a one-of-a-kind experience for you and your group. 
The CALENDAR PAGE shows fun archery events and our mobile workshops.
Email or call for detail and planning.     


Bowmaking Workshops

  • Explore why bows work and compare the different materials and shapes.
  • Tiller a bow to match your size, strength and crafting level.
  • Design and make perfect arrows for recreation or hunting.
  • Bring your notepad – we’re going the distance.
  • Click on BOWMAKING WORKSHOPS PAGE for more info  

Experience the wonderful aspects of archery today !

Magic – the marvel of form, aiming and watching an arrow in flight
Value – an activity perfect for all ages, bringing us all together
Safety – consistently ranking in the top of the safest sports