Discover archery – through the craft, art and science of primitive skills. We can start with shooting, crafting or both. The core craft is making a long bow, suitable for recreation, competition or serious hunting. Shooting arrows is part of bowmaking, but proficiency is not required.

Experience the Wonderful Aspects of Archery Today.

Magic – the marvel of form, aiming and watching an arrow in flight
Value – an activity perfect for all ages, putting us all together
Safety – consistently ranking in the top of the safest sports

Workshops times, classes and demonstrations are scheduled for your convenience. Call to reserve.

Kids, youths, adults, families and hunters – all welcome – all fun!

Bow Making

  • Learn why bows work and compare the different materials and shapes.
  • Choose a bow to match your size, strength and crafting level.
  • Crafting can begin anywhere from a U-finish bow to tillering a raw stave.

Arrows & Small Projects

  • Design and make the right arrows for your bow.
  • Make custom quivers, leather bow grips, tip protectors, string keepers.
  • Braid and serve a Flemish-twist bow string.
  • Enter your archery craft in the local fair. Best of show? – let’s do it.

Training & Shooting

  • Learn how to set up & adjust your bow & equipment for best arrow flight.
  • Develop traditional field archery styles and intuitive shooting techniques.
  • We have targets at my indoor & outdoor ranges.
  • Certified classes (Junior Olympic Archery Development and Adult Achievement programs) are available year-round for your organization or individual – classes run 8 sessions (60-90 min each), include equipment use and class materials.
  • Certified Instructor Training is available as well – class is 8hrs (in 1 or 2 days).

Special Events

For local and out-of-town groups we can arrange to come to you – where you craft in your shop or we set up portable targets for training in your space.

Archery demonstrations and all-ages first-time shooter sessions are available for your outdoor events (pending feasibility and local restrictions) – call for detail and planning.


  • Bow materials range from $50 to $150 per bow
  • Arrow materials range from $4 youth to $15 hunter
  • Crafting workshops – $20/session, including small supplies
  • Shooting & practice – $20/hour, equipment included (half hour lessons available: $10/per)
  • Mobile workshops (shooting or crafting) – contact us for schedule, setup, & pricing
  • Certified training & Instructor programs – contact us for registration & fee info