NOTE: All sessions are reserved by appointment. We ask students to email and reserve their time, then we email and confirm. Please refer to our website calendar for available dates. The website calendar shows blank days that are available and shows closed & event days that are not available. You may reserve each session or arrange regular schedules – either is okay. Our best telephone hours are early morning and early evening. See you soon!


All shooting classes are hosted by Archery For All Ages, a registered archery club with certified & insured instructors through USAArchery. Shooting & practice is open to all ages, all skill levels, all year round.

GENERAL  archery

All equipment is included and sessions are about a half hour. To get started, we acquaint our new archers with equipment and range safety. Then we select the proper size equipment and begin the basic steps of shooting (indoors). With continuing sessions we develop your skills, play some fun archery games, and progress to the outdoor range or moving targets.

General archery starts with the equipment, safety and the basic steps of shooting. Depending on student goals we may progress to intuitive shooting – or advanced classes where we learn tuning the bow & arrows for best flight – or introduction to bowhunting.

CERTIFIED  classes

We offer merit classes for Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts, proficiency & record book projects for 4H, achievement classes for Junior & Adult Olympic programs, and USAA Instructor Training programs – All available for your organization, family or individual.

JOAD  classes

Junior Olympic Archery Development programs are open to all youth archer ages 8 to 20. The program is 8 sessions, with weekly sessions and reserved in advance. Please visit the JOAD Program webpage:


The adult programs are similar to the JOAD classes but designed for the adult shooter (ages over 20) who wishes to enhance their skills. The adult programs are held weekly like JOAD and runs in 8-sessions as well. Please visit the Adult Archery Program webpage:



The crafting workshops are a series of sessions where you reserve time to work on your project. We have group, family or individual sessions. The plan for each project depends on what you want to do and what skills & materials you need to get it done.


We offer comprehensive courses in bow making for several traditional bow types – longbow, Modoc, reflex-deflex or laminated. Depending on the student goals, we can learn a few things along the way – archery science, history, why bows work and compare the different materials, shapes and their shooting techniques.  

Bow making is open to almost all ages, typically 10yrs old and up. The bow materials are prepared in advance to various levels of completion, so the crafter may choose a project to match their skill level. Crafters can start from a raw stave where the wood has no shape and it doesn’t bend yet – or – they can start on a semi-shaped stave, learn to “tiller” the limbs and then carve a custom handle.  

Youth bow projects take about 4hrs (total time) with their parent or adult helper. Adult bows take about 16hrs. Projects are typically reserved in 2 to 4hr increments as needed. Advanced bows could take 36hrs – over a few weeks, depending on cure-times for laminations, sealers and finishes.


Much like bow making, arrows carry their own special science and history. We guide you through designing the best arrows for your bow. You can start with raw shafts & cutting feathers to craft custom beautiful arrows or we can start with “pre-fletched” arrows to make replacements or a set of basic arrows in about 30 mins.  


We offer several short projects for your archery needs… How to make  custom or replacement bowstrings, arrow quivers (bamboo, leather etc), bow grips, tip protectors, bow socks and more.


SPECIAL  EVENT  classes  

Mobile archery training and crafting workshops for all-ages, first-time shooter sessions and bowmaking are available for your outdoor events – email or call for detail and planning.